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How to do the cleaning valve after the glue

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The dispensing machine is a kind of adhesive packaging equipment, through the multi axis positioning can meet different production requirements including dispensing, dispensing valve has played a crucial role, through the high precision dispensing valve can accurately control the flow of glue, glue to realize quantitative control of dispensing, dispensing valve cleaning steps and common parts differ here, to teach you how to wash dispensing valve.
Dispensing valve in the long-term work under more or less residual part of the glue in glue dispensing valve, if found in the work of glue glue volume gradually become less likely is this part of residue effect, so cleaning dispensing valve use clean water have little effect, first use thinner or alcohol to remove this part of curing residue, then remove the foreign body dust inside the remainder through water, dried or dried finally automatic dehumidification can be.
Precision high viscosity dispensing valve can handle a variety of high viscosity glue dispensing cycle path accurately, effectively improve the work efficiency and the quality of precision dispensing, high viscosity dispensing valve has the advantages of simple structure convenient removal and cleaning work will be dismantled special cleaning agent can be used for immersion cleaning parts.
Different dispensing valve with the specific requirements of different cleaning, because the structure of the thimble type dispensing valve is more complex, if you need to remove and wash requires larger, thimble type dispensing valve can be applied to long-term normal dispensing work, so you need to clean the lower frequency, if the internal thimble type dispensing valve has residue blockage circulation, you can add a hot glue valve at the bottom in order to strengthen the internal residue, all flows can effectively enhance the effect of the use of the thimble type dispensing valve.
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