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Market price of import precision glue valve

writer:xiaoliu time:2017-12-28 10:07 clicks:
There are many changes of dispensing technology in different regions, in fact advanced dispensing technology is still in control in western developed countries, our country in the hands of the dispensing technology and the western countries have a long gap, so creating the imported precision dispensing valve market prices are very high, most often because the dispensing needs of users but if the price.
Imported precision dispensing valve into the market at a higher price, price fluctuations between 1000 to 000, this kind of high precision dispensing valve used in dispensing work in general smaller, most work are only dispensing adhesive or packaging roughly, and dispensing work precision dispensing valve general higher, and can support a variety of high viscosity glue dispensing, using high quality stainless steel can work for a long time dispensing used in high demand and does not affect the normal working accuracy.
Dispensing technology in China to meet the current demand in most of the practical work of precision dispensing, high viscosity dispensing valve is very high, can be applied to various high viscosity glue dispensing, dispensing valve than the import price is more affordable, with the function of micro dispensing, dispensing support for some slit or irregular plane, dispensing utility and the effect is more efficient with prominent, anodized stainless steel, longer service life work better.
The price of dispensing valves on the market is uneven, so we don't have to go too far to pursue expensive imported precision dispensing valves. Only by selecting a strong dispensing valve can we meet different dispensing works.
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