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Common problems and solutions for glue dispensing valves

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With the increase of the category of dispensing valve in the production, but also solve a lot of problems but the products can not be bonded, regardless of the kind of dispensing valve, will have some problems in dispensing use, such as dispensing valve, silicone dispensing valve; for dispensing valve technology problems and solutions for all users.
1. glue valve dripping: this kind of situation often occurs after the glue valve is closed, 95% is caused by the small diameter of the needle. Too small needles will affect the backpressure formed by the flow of glue, which results in the leakage of the glue valve shortly after closing. Too small needles also affect the bubble problem at the beginning of the valve.
Treatment plan: can adjust pressure barrel pressure, do not be too high, can drive the glue. The dispensing valve can be fine tuned as far as possible (increasing the response of the glue valve to respond quickly), and perhaps the larger needles can be changed to deal with this result. The back pressure of the conical slant needle is the smallest and the liquid is the most smooth. When the liquid air is closed when the rubber valve is closed, it is best to remove the air from the liquid afterwards, or to use the glue that is not easy to contain bubbles. Or first glue centrifugal defoaming after use.
2. out of the glue quantity is uneven: when the amount of glue is not uniform, it is mainly due to the pressure cylinder of storage glue or the unstable air pressure.
Treatment plan: the intake pressure regulator should be set at 10 to 15psi lower than the maximum pressure in the factory. The pressure used in the pressure cylinder should be between the pressure of the two heads of the pressure regulator, and the pressure should be prevented from the high pressure in the pressure gauge. Rubber valve control pressure should be up to more than 60psi to ensure the stability of the amount of glue. At first, the glue work should be introspection. If less than 15/1000 seconds, the glue is unstable and the glue is more stable.
3. the flow rate is too slow: if the flow rate is too slow, the pipeline should be changed from 1/4 to 3/8, and the shorter the demand, the shorter the pipeline is.
4. bubbles in the fluid: if the excess glue pressure is too short, the air can be penetrated into the glue.
Treatment plan: reduce the pressure of the glue and use the conical slanted needle.
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