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How to correctly control the amount of glue out of the dispe

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The work is essential for dispensing dispensing valve accessories, dispensing machine equipped with a dispensing valve can be carried out after the glue supply precise control of the dispensing valve glue volume control effect can be set according to the actual demand of different dispensing mode with different control valve is carried out to control the quantity of glue, then how to correctly control the quantity of cement it.
Manually operated dispensing gun has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient use, is usually connected to the output pressure in quantitative dispensing dispensing barrel, manual controller glue gun uses two position five way solenoid valve as an important tool for glue control, anodized after Aluminum Alloy material made with longer service life, work parameter manual dispensing valve may be adjusted from the pressure barrel, press the manual glue gun depth determines the amount of glue, according to the actual needs of control the quantity of cement can have the characteristics of simple operation, economical and practical.
The more high standards of production line demand for precision dispensing valve, precision dispensing valve problem is to control the amount of glue is not clear, the thimble type dispensing valve adopts the complex dynamic method for rubber thimble, at the bottom is equipped with a micrometer adjustment as an important tool to adjust the amount of glue, can the dispensing work precisely meets the different requirements, after adjustment can be stably sustained for glue, not for long time and affect the stability of performing dispensing glue and persistence, is a very useful dispensing valve work.
Some dispensing valves are linked by dispensing controllers to perform dispensing. If we want to accurately control the amount of glue, we can set glue dispensing parameters on the controller, such as the amount of glue, the time of dispensing and the strength of dispensing, so that we can accurately control the amount of glue according to actual needs.
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