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Why AB glue dispensing needle does not block glue

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The needles are disposable, so most people are called dispensing supplies, this is because many causes, such as our common plugging glue problem, so far no one can be the perfect solution, but to avoid or reduce the method when there are many, this AB glue dispensing needle but today I want to introduce is different from other methods, it is also currently the interview is the best solution, and can improve the efficiency and quality of production quality perfect accessories.
AB dispensing needle
There is relationship between the main reason caused by blocking glue dispensing needle with glue dispensing operation type and operation. To solve the traditional blocking needle has a lot of, for example: for different adhesive glue have different solutions, such as hot melt adhesive must use stainless steel needles, glue temperature can melt, thus blocking glue will not a: but like this kind of adhesive glue, because the adhesive at room temperature curing speed is very fast, so the dispensing operations cannot be interrupted, once the interruption occurs plugging glue phenomenon.
Stainless steel dispensing needle
So this also shows us that no matter what kind of solution there is, there is no better solution. Of course, why AB glue dispensing needle does not block glue, this is not only a person put forward, many people have put forward
Brush Needle
But I want to say AB glue dispensing needle with a double needle, although it is mainly for professional use AB glue, but it can also be used in ordinary glue, because it is used in double tube, greatly glue shunt, which greatly reduced the probability of blocking glue. Not only does it. Greatly enhance the dispensing efficiency.
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