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Treatment of bubble in the glue dispenser during the dispens

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The use of adhesive bonding work, the use of automatic precision dispensing machine input is essential, automatic precision dispensing dispensing valve equipped with opportunities as the glue accessories, so that it can be used for different dispensing filling work, in the practical application of precision point glue valve problems can not be avoided completely, precision dispensing the valve may have glue bubbles in the course of the problem, according to the actual situation to solve the processing method of bubble.
The emergence of glue bubbles is mainly because air enters the glue caused by the emergence of glue bubbles will directly affect the precision dispensing valve adhesion and dispensing effect, so as to ensure the sealing condition in the glue into the plastic bucket, of course, may also be the glue quality caused by bubbles, bubbles can be removed by pulling the glue vacuum, avoid dispensing valve dispensing bubble problem.
If you need to use the silica gel dispensing requires large flow of silicone dispensing valve as the dispensing valve accessories, large flow silicone glue can be accurately controlled, causes of silica gel dispensing valve may occur because there is no bubble on the silica gel is fully stirred, high viscosity silicone bubble is difficult to completely eliminate, only the mixing ability the maximum removal of silicone glue inside the bubbles, to avoid affecting the quality of normal dispensing.
In fact, by adjusting the viscosity of glue, it can also eliminate the effect of bubbles. The viscosity of glue can be reduced by heating, so that the glue bubbles can be completely eliminated. In fact, this method is simple and quick, and its effect is not as effective as that of full agitation.
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