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What is the difference between a high pressure dispensing va

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The difference between high precision and high viscosity glue dispensing valve valve is the performance between the two, high pressure dispensing valve is generally used in high pressure conveying and dispensing glue, and the precision of high viscosity dispensing valve using air pressure strength is small, only for the glue dispensing with other transport control, the quantity of cement is relatively small the difference is, this, this is only the surface difference, other place also has the very big difference.
Out of the use of pressure difference, the application of the industry also has a relatively large difference, high pressure large flow valve belongs to the dispensing valve, the use of the environment is generally less glue or precision industry, because the control precision dispensing valve pressure is insufficient, these defects in technology, precision and high viscosity dispensing valve used in industry are some small industries, such as electronics, mobile phone, demand the precision degree is higher, the quantity of cement is relatively small, this is the difference between the two kinds of dispensing valve.
Different dispensing valve is a relatively large difference, there may be some dispensing valve manufacturing process is very close, but there will still be a little difference between the segments in the enterprise, can not put all the different characteristics of the valve has the same name, it is not convenient to the customer's choice, so the valve has a different the difference, such as the difference between high pressure and viscosity dispensing valve precision dispensing valve, are produced by the same company, the use of the environment and the quantity of cement are different from more.
Precision high viscosity dispensing valve belongs to a manufacturing process of very fine products, more performance can be used, and a suction amount of glue can be very good control, can not only meet the total demand for many industries, or glue control is very good, the precision is to reach the highest requirements of dispensing industry, which belongs to a a very good dispensing valve.
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