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What is the role of the precision dispensing valve in the pr

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Precision dispensing valve from the name can understand that the accuracy of this valve is the main feature. Now the industry with the development of science and technology, gradually the area reduced, for dispensing requirements will gradually increase, in addition, to improve the performance of the dispenser could improve the performance of only dispensing accessories from the beginning, the need to improve the dispensing valve, dispensing valve is the role of the dispensing machine is very important parts, the relationship between the effect of dispensing.
Precision dispensing valve is to control the glue, glue glue suction and the temporary storage, many people think that the control is glue dispensing task, actually not, although is the glue and suction glue dispensing dispensing valve control system, but the rubber valve performance or production process is poor, when dispensing machine give suck back glue glue dispensing valve command, suction action will be very slow, will not achieve the anticipant result, but the use of precision dispensing valve will be able to complete this task, to ensure the normal output of the dispensing machine. This is the role of the precision dispensing valve.
If better use of precision screw dispensing valve dispensing, dispensing machine for screw controller can improve the control effect of dispensing valve, the dispensing valve and add a controller to control some of the details, so can the glue flow in complete control of a required dispensing, dispensing effect will be getting better and better, so as not to operate dispensing problem.
Whether precision or precision dispensing valve screw dispensing valve only play the role in the dispensing process, is to control and improve the glue dispensing accuracy and prevent dispensing problems and so on, not only to ensure the quality of enterprise products, but also to ensure that the number of daily production is expected to reach the requirements of dispensing machine.
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