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Specification of the precision glue valve seal ring in the g

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There are many different types of precision dispensing valve type dispensing machine using the sealing ring in the dispensing valve will have many different types of manufacturing, which requires the use of dispensing valve seals the dispensing valve, the sealing ring of different specifications, in the dispensing valve on the role of different guarantee the tightness of the dispensing valve, it is very important, and the seal of the price is not expensive, the product quality will be better, this is no doubt.
Dispensing valve is used for double liquid dispensing machine, also has a high speed dispensing machine, size has changed, enterprises need to know what is the production of a dispensing valve, it can accurately recommend the sealing ring sealing ring little need, can play a great role in the dispensing valve, can prevent air leakage, can also prevent the glue leaking phenomenon, there is a series of dispensing valve can make more closely, the work will be unstable problem.
Precision high viscosity dispensing valve also belongs to a precision dispensing machine, which also installed the seal type is different, according to the diameter of the dispensing valve port measurement, and then come to the diameter size, you can choose the seals need to be based on these data, the specifications of the sealing ring is too much. No one, just need to know how the dispensing valve specifications, you can know how much to produce the sealing ring, of course, production of materials is to undergo a rigorous screening.
No matter which valves are the same, the size and the material have some differences, because with the use of glue has a great relationship, the glue is corrosive and adhesive property, if the materials used to the adhesive dispensing valve function, can not be denied this dispensing. The sealing ring production concept.
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