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What is the difference between the screw valve and the silk

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The two has a dispensing valve rod, many people mistakenly think that the same kind of dispensing valve, the fact that two kinds of dispensing machine is used in different production methods and materials, so the two dispensing valve is different, in fact two dispensing valve performance as well as the opposite, a calculate the amount of glue, one can not calculate the amount of glue, but the two kinds of valves have their own characteristics.
Precision screw dispensing valve using a particular stator with stator with several close space, and then use the glue conveying screw driven out, and the stator screw angle is large enough, the quantity of cement will increase, so to ensure the glue dispensing valve, can also use this method to calculate the amount of glue, can. The use of a screw with the stator, so stop glue dispensing valve.
Screw type dispensing valve is the use of micro screw and other parts are combined into a T state, when the rubber material from the mouth into the dispensing valve, because the screw type dispensing valve does not seal the space inside is smooth, as long as the pressure is increased, the glue will directly flow from the dispensing valve, the use of such the methods are unable to calculate the amount of glue. According to the principle of two kinds of glue valve, it can be observed that the kind of spot glue valve is better.
The difference is the precision screw dispensing valve and screw type rubber valve, as long as careful understanding can analyze this two different things, the principle is not the same, screw dispensing valve screw rod dispensing valve is obviously more complicated, it is undeniable that the better precision screw dispensing valve the effect will be the wire rod dispensing dispensing valve, then we don't need to call two things mixed up, also can choose the suitable for their own products, the industry can choose simple screw type dispensing valve, the complex procedure of screw dispensing valve.
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