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Thimble pin valve

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The thimble type dispensing valve is valve common dispensing operation, mainly used for controlling quantitative glue, glue outlet size determines the maximum amount of glue dispensing valve thimble, have performance advantages more than the ordinary dispensing valve has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient use etc..
The thimble type dispensing valve and pneumatic dispensing valve has the distinction of the thimble type dispensing valve is equipped with a driving internal glue, glue can flow through the striker made dispensing, mainly used for low viscosity glue are quantitatively controlled dispensing, using anodization and Teflon material made of stainless steel, long-term application in high demand dispensing work, operating rate of about 600/min, with a high precision glue minimum can reach 0.001ml, no matter what the work can meet the application demand of dispensing.
Most of the market of dispensing valve will appear dispensing accuracy deviation, and the thimble type dispensing valve is composed of precision manufacturing, long-term use can also ensure the glue in high precision, packaging, dispensing, coating and other aspects can be applied to the work, to meet the different needs of users dispensing glue, uniform and fine are correct, small objects the coating effect is very prominent.
Pneumatic dispensing valve is low cost simple structure, but has a strong dependence on the source, if the compressor gas instability is likely to cause leakage gum bad problems, directly affect the quality of products for glue dispensing, work type dispensing valve is equipped with a thimble can maintain a stable and efficient, stable and uniform without glue error, applied to path coating can enhance the maximum value of dispensing products, used in bonding can improve the bonding strength and the bonding area, so the thimble type dispensing valve will enhance the production of practical products.
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