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Analysis of the working principle of the thimble pin valve

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A dispenser accessories the most important addition to the motor is the dispensing valve, with the increase of the category of dispensing, dispensing valve type rises, the thimble type dispensing valve is one of the important parts, as the dispensing equipment, the operator must of the thimble type dispensing valve working principle of a certain understanding, in order to have better in the dispensing process of operation.
From now on, the pneumatic point glue valve is made up of three important parts of the cylinder body and the cylinder. The cylinder and valve body are separated from the advanced sealing material to avoid glue penetration into the cylinder, and the cylinder and cylinder are connected to the main body of the dispensing valve body and keep concentricity with the cylinder. The movement of the center rod is driven by the cylinder of the solenoid valve, so as to drive the center bar up and down, and use the up and down movement of the center bar to achieve the opening and closing function of the glue. Next, we will tell you the working principle of all kinds of dispensing valves by the middle technology.
The working principle of pneumatic valve: the pressure glue glue into the barrel, the pressure of compressed air into the barrel, the feeding into the glue and the cylinder chamber connected to the back suction tube; dispensing valve: solenoid valve to a signal, thereby driving the dispensing valve piston moves downwards through the cylinder, glue, glue extruded from the needle; the thimble type dispensing valve and suction dispensing valve: on the contrary, its direction is a signal to the solenoid valve, thereby driving the dispensing valve piston downward through the cylinder, glue, glue from the needle out. Glue dripping out by a solenoid valve to control the time, pressure barrels pressure strength etc..
The movement of the piston stroke (dispensing valve trim) is determined by three factors, so that we can in any arbitrary collocation automatic dispensing machine, the work principle of the electric dispensing valve: a single screw structure using single screw conveyor volume principle, rotor and stator formed self sealing structure, the rotor stator cavity in directional rotation effect the realization of medium transport function.
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