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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the thimble pin

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The thimble type dispensing valve is a mechanical drive and dispensing valve, pneumatic dispensing valve has the very big difference, the thimble type dispensing valve can be used for bonding and encapsulation of different needs, through the thimble type dispensing valve can ensure the glue can get precise control of the dispensing valve is not omnipotent the thimble type dispensing valve, the advantages and disadvantages of the performance of the more obvious.
First introduces the advantages of the thimble type dispensing valve, needle type dispensing valve adopts the complex dynamic form of driving thimble glue dispensing, market pneumatic dispensing valve strong dependence on the gas, if the source is not stable enough to leak glue and other problems in the dispensing, and there is no such a thimble type dispensing valve although the menace from the rear, the thimble is driven through the air valve dispensing glue dispensing, but equipped with a firing pin can drive the effect of strengthening the glue, can carry out uniform dispensing path for the plastic work, more stable and efficient, the top of the trimming micrometer can be used to adjust the quantity of cement, the thimble type dispensing valve has the effect of dispensing more efficient and comprehensive.
Because the thimble type dispensing valve structure is fixed, so if you want to remove, it is easy to rust if not long-term micrometer for maintenance, which directly affects the adjustment effect of glue and the adjustment precision and inconvenience for dispensing work, and limited to the low viscosity glue dispensing, not suitable for high viscosity glue dispensing because of the high viscosity glue, easy adhesion in the plunger to glue dispensing work difficult, can only be applied to a small range of.
Even if there are some shortcomings in the thimble dispensing valve, it can help users complete dispensing work of various needs in practical application, and it is an efficient and practical dispensing accessory.
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