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Solution to clogging of stainless steel dispensing multi tub

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With the use of the dispensing machine being widely used to glue machine industry is further increased, due to the ingestion of more industries, it also encountered a number of problems in the production. For example: the common glue dispensing machine, glue leakage phenomenon, dispensing machine drawing, trailing; point glue machine needle clogging etc. These are the dispensing machine often occurs, which blocked the dispensing needle most frequently, then there is no what method can reduce the probability that it occur? Here follow in small to know about it!
Stainless steel dispensing needle
I believe that many users should first buy dispensing machine are that way, dispensing needle is universal, no type, no conditions. But now I want to tell the user that the idea is wrong, the needle can be divided into many kinds, such as we are common: flat mouth the dispensing needle, dispensing needles, ab needles, screw needles, stainless steel needles and so on are, these different types of needles are required in accordance with the actual needs to choose, if the wrong choice, it is easy to cause clogging phenomenon.
Precision dispensing needle
So in daily operation, stainless steel needles block how to do, there is no way to solve? The answer is:! According to the actual needs of the needle selected for glue for its use, because the stainless steel needle belongs to the small size of multiple dispensing needles, in strong pressure, can use the strong viscosity a little glue, but vice versa.
High speed dispensing needle
In the process of using, according to the actual needs, to consider whether it can be used, the stainless steel dispensing multi needle characteristics into account, it can well avoid the occurrence of clogging
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