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The making method of the thimble glue valve

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As an important parts of dispensing valve dispensing machine, it play the role is self-evident, people in order to promote the dispensing valve performance more perfect, started the research, and puts forward some solutions in recent years. For example: China patent documents recorded a high precision needle type dispensing valve called "CN200820214180. 3] number; and put forward the open cavity and comprises a valve body dispensing head.
The valve body comprises a channel block development idea of cavity, one end of the valve body is connected with the electric device, the driving device is connected with the electric device is provided with a cavity; it also contains a push rod is connected with the slide valve assembly rubber block is connected with the idea of channel transmission channel, push rod is arranged in the cavity of glue channel block and from the sleeve of the sliding rod is arranged on the first channel, second channel and third channel, and then the sliding rod cavity opening and the first channel, second channel and third channel connectivity.
Although these assumptions can improve the performance of dispensing valve to some extent, there are still some technical problems such as complex structure, difficult to adjust according to need, and operation and usage is not convenient.
In order to achieve the above assumptions, the new method of making the dispensing valve thimble type dispensing valve in the system development. The thimble type dispensing valve and the base, the main characteristic is that the base is provided with a valve body, the valve core assembly is arranged on the valve body, the valve core component dispensing needle connected with a part extending out of the valve body, can the movement of the valve core components can therefore take plastic needle point relative to the valve core component is arranged between the valve body and the valve body, and relative to the top type telescopic regulating mechanism is connected between the valve body and the base with the thread structure. This is also the top of the needle type dispensing valve working principle.
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