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Advantages and characteristics of imported precision dispens

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The dispenser has a great relationship quality sizing effect and related accessories, accessories for precision dispensing industry hot dispensing valve as the standard, imported precision dispensing valve as well as the advantages of market sales and prices is proportional to the dispensing valve imported with high precision, strong practicability and characteristics,
Back to the suction dispensing valve imports is an efficient, comprehensive, multi function characteristics, can be used for dispensing with high viscosity glue in the back suction dispensing valve made of stainless steel material is suitable for long-term high intensity dispensing work, impact work dispensing accuracy is low, the operator can modify the parameters according to the actual work request back suction precision dispensing valve can react quickly and adjust time, ensure the dispensing consistency and accuracy, the applicable scope of dispensing work more broadly, its market price is between 1000-2000.
In the dispensing work scope precision high viscosity dispensing valve is very wide, can be used in different production line bonding or package work, support the use of high viscosity high viscosity glue to complete dispensing, dispensing valve the glue outlet is very small, can carry out uniform precision dispensing path, to provide effective help for bonding and the work package, equipped with high viscosity dispensing valve can greatly enhance the work efficiency and accuracy of precision dispensing machine.
Most of the high demand for production line will be equipped with precision as high viscosity dispensing valve dispensing dispensing accessories, high quality effect can complete all kinds of irregular path dispensing requirements, comprehensive functions and long service life, because the dispensing valve belongs to the new dispensing valve in the industry market price at around 1500.
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