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The structure and characteristics of the ceramic dispensing

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With the increasing number of dispensing machines, the dispensing valve is also changing. The ceramic dispensing valve is one of the more obvious ones. How many people understand the structure and characteristics of the ceramic dispensing valve?
The ceramic dispensing valve is made of high and new technology ceramic structural material, which is used to produce the sealing and vulnerable parts of valves. The materials used in ceramics are very high on chemical stability and hardness (Rockwell hardness HRC90), second only to diamond. Therefore, the ceramic dispensing valve has very high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, so what is the difference between the working principle of this kind of glue and the working principle of the precision dispensing valve?
Ceramic dispensing valve shell thickness beyond the country specification data of GB, JB and ANSI American Standard requirements, the main material of chemical elements and mechanical function to meet the national standard requirements rules. The three section of the shell structure is designed, the shape is also strong, the whole is more beautiful. The material of ceramic valve stems to meet the requirements of the state, and the surface is corrosion-resistant, nitriding or quenching and tempering to ensure that the stem has good mechanical function and corrosion resistance.
The ceramic adhesive valve has built-in cushioning compensatory cushion, which makes it more stable in sealing. And in the inclusion of impurities, it is not easy to die and cause the damage of the ball. The whole lining ceramic hard sealing surface contact dispensing valve all contact with the media are structural ceramic materials, the chemical stability and high hardness (hardness more than HRA88, second only to diamond) characteristics. Therefore, zirconia ceramics have high compressive strength, high abrasion resistance, excellent anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, and better insulation function.
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