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What is the reason for the leakage of glue from the ceramic

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With the dispenser is increasingly being used in industrial production as an important parts in bonding, dispensing valve dispensing machine in the play an important role in industrial production due to product requirements become more stringent, and dispensing equipment more perfect, the application type dispensing valve is also increasing. A lot of dispensing the dispensing valve production types appearing on the market, for example: the thimble type dispensing valve, liquid dispensing valve, double suction back high precision injection valve, anaerobic adhesive dispensing valve, silicone dispensing valve, such as different types of ceramic dispensing valve.
But no matter what kind of valve is used, there will be some problems in the process of using. Ceramic dispensing valve is a new breed of many kinds of dispensing valves, of course, it is no exception. Because this kind of rubber valve belongs to the new product, so most users will not be able to solve it when they are in use, such as ceramic dispensing valve leakage, so today Xiaobian is going to solve this problem for you.
The ceramic dispensing valve is different from the traditional dispensing valve. The traditional dispensing valve is mainly made of metal materials on the material, so the glue valve has many disadvantages, such as: no environmental protection, no wear-resisting, there are many disadvantages. But usually, the dispensing valve is just the opposite. The valve has many advantages such as wear resistance, super strength, superhardness, high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance, but there will also be problems such as glue leakage in use.
Usually, when the ceramic dispensing valve is leaky, the parts of the leaky glue are checked first, and the main parts of the leakage are the cylinder and the part of the rubber mouth. At this time, it is best to stop the rubber valve work as far as possible, and avoid serious problems. If the spare dispensing valve is available, it can be changed immediately, but if not, after checking the cause, we should prescribe some remedy for it.
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