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How to eliminate the glue valve of the glue dispenser effect

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After regardless of any machine used for a period of time there will be some problems, not only stopped for maintenance and maintenance, so as to ensure the operation of mechanical equipment, dispensing and thimble dispensing valve is the same, there is no problem dispensing problem, how it is carried out in accordance with the instructions of ghosts, which can reduce the extent of the damage of equipment.
Want to eliminate the problem, first of all you need to know what the problem, it will need to use the technical personnel familiar with the dispensing valve, if there is no operating personnel, can inquire on the sale of manufacturers, to facilitate the understanding of dispensing valve problems, can help solve the problem of dispensing valve, thimble type dispensing valve common problems the leakage of adhesive, abrasion, corrosion and sealing ring.
If we want to quickly exclude the common problems of the thimble dispensing valve, we can identify the cause of the problem based on the phenomenon of the operation feedback of the dispensing valve, and then we can get rid of the problem accurately. Although it can quickly find the problems, it will still delay the production time, as well as reduce the production speed, so we can use other methods to solve these problems.
In fact, how to remove the dispensing valve, there is a better way, is not to let it appear problem, so as not to affect the production speed, this is the best way to eliminate the problem, because whether or not regularly check the thimble type dispensing valve parts wear problems, can the problems of parts replacement, so there won't be a problem, the leakage and leakage of adhesive wear of sealing ring, so that you can not exclude the dispensing valve problem.
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