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How to keep the glue valve correct

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With the rapid growth of Chinese economy in recent years, but also further promote the development of industrial production better. The rapid development of industrial production, not only the rising cost of raw materials, including human resources is rising, many manufacturers in order to seek better development, at present more and more industries are beginning to tend to intelligent production mode, this way not only can more reduce the manpower cost, and intelligent production mode and effectively improve the production efficiency and product quality, especially the dispensing machine, glue machine industry. The precision of the dispensing machine is also more stringent, so it can be satisfied with the production needs of the manufacturer.
But the more sophisticated equipment also needs daily maintenance and maintenance to improve the ease of use of the equipment later, and increase the service life of the equipment. The dispensing machine is even more so, because the dispensing machine is mainly to control the glue, the glue of a special nature, which belongs to the viscosity, if a long time without maintenance, may lead to equipment failure and congestion problems, especially as one of the important parts of dispensing valve dispensing machine, so how to maintain the dispensing valve has become the application concerns dispensing machine manufacturers.
Usually the dispensing valve maintenance is very simple, first use the spanner connector into the glue outlet, then the adhesive inlet joint for cleaning. Then screw out rubber joint, screw cylinder meeting found there is a push rod, it is required to use a screwdriver to unscrew the thimble, and then remove the. White pad removed, the cylinder clean. Then the gasket is loaded, and then put the top rod is screwed into the screw in, remember not too loose or too tight, as long as the work is not leak.
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