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How do the thimble point glue valve leak glue?

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How should the thimble point glue valve leak out? Since out of the problem, it can find ways to solve, so it can effectively solve the leakage problem, the problem is solved, the next will also appear to have the same problem, need to learn a good solution, then the next time out, but also be able to use this method for solving problems of course, how can happen in advance so, the better, can reduce the risk of damage to the dispensing machine, also can increase the service life of the dispensing machine.
The common problem of the thimble type dispensing valve has leakage problems, such problems are generally, the sealing ring is corrosion, resulting in dispensing valve seal is not enough, coupled with the internal dispensing valve there is strong pressure, the glue will be squeezed out from the slit in the air, but also because the dispensing valve appeared relatively large wear where can the glue outflow, so that the thimble type dispensing valve causes the flow of glue.
The solution is to replace the damaged parts, so it can solve these problems, how to compare the necessary care during operation, because there will certainly be the glue barrel in the dispensing process flow, brought great trouble to replace the dispensing valve, need to use a special way to solve, or glue will drip in dispensing machine, such as cleaning dispensing machine is also more trouble, the solution is to replace the dispensing valve dispensing process need to use pneumatic suction way, glue suction to the glue cylinder, then use a small disc to appear the residual glue picked up, so as not to engage in dispensing machine.
In order to ensure the thimble dispensing valve is not a problem, need to develop a maintenance schedule dispensing valve, so as to understand some of the rubber valve working condition and the degree of loss of parts, and then analyze the dispensing valve can also use a variety of time, no direct replacement, so we don't have a dispensing valve problem.
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