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The thimble type dispensing valve in pneumatic or single mov

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A valve needle type dispensing valve is the most popular in the dispensing market, thanks to sophisticated dispensing fabrication techniques, also the importance of the use of high-quality materials, two kinds of manufacturing process is important to create a good dispensing valve, but the price is relatively cheap and convenient, so sales is much higher than the dispensing valve the other, this valve has two different motion modes, respectively, double action and single action.
In fact, the two motion modes, no motion model is better, as long as the more suitable kind of industry production, because the dispensing valve use is in order to improve the quality and speed of dispensing, so that the proper mode of using what kind of mode, there is no best, only better, to know which is better, you need to understand the two mode will appear what kind of effect.
Double acting thimble type dispensing valve internal mode without spring, can only use pneumatic drive as the driving force, can be repeated movement, simple operation, in the work process, generally does not appear the dispensing problem, conveying glue is relatively smooth, glue control more convenient, with the complex dynamic principle of the thimble type dispensing valve about.
Single acting thimble dispensing valve need spring, using air pressure as power forward power of the valve, and then running from the spring to reset, this is the single acting principle of thimble dispensing valve, two different principle can be respectively which dispensing valve is relatively easy to use, but also know what kind of expensive dispensing valve.
What's good for the thimble dispensing valve? Theoretically, it's a double acting dispensing valve. It's better. But in essence, we need to know where the two valves are. The best place to use is the best dispensing valve.
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