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The two component fluid dispensing valves have those categor

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General component dispensing valve is not used two-component glue dispensing, this is because the two-component glue will need two kinds of fluid mixing have high bonding strength, two-component glue bonding strength and bonding effect than single component glue, the operator can according to different mixing proportion of demand ratio of double free group a glue to achieve the purpose of control, a two-component fluid dispensing valve can be used according to the ratio of two-component glue mixed dispensing, two-component many dispensing valve types, mostly according to the characteristics of the decision itself.
A two-component fluid dispensing valve with automatic suction function, so in the market on the back of the suction type two-component dispensing valve market sales volume is very high, a two-component fluid dispensing valve with automatic suction suction function, can appear in the work of drawing and dispensing glue glue glue leakage resolved by suction. That way, the adhesive surface clean uniform, can play a good adhesive effect, suction back in the actual application process of two-component dispensing valve role is indispensable.
In fact the thimble type dispensing valve can also use two-component glue dispensing, in part due to the effect of fluid on the thimble is large, easy in the dispensing work when the quantity of cement and adhesive strength, so the two-component dispensing valve need to be equipped with a plurality of cylinders, two adhesive inlet can ensure glue mixed in proportion to meet the work flow of normal dispensing.
A two-component fluid dispensing valve used for users to create a higher value of work, work more stable and efficient dispensing and have very strong stability and ensure the glue evenly coated on the surface of the roughened, two-component dispensing valve with high accuracy for users of revenue is immeasurable.
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