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How to maintain and maintain the dispensing valve in use

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The dispensing valve is an important working parts dispensing machine, the operator can realize the quantitative control of glue dispensing through the dispensing valve, the effect depends on the quality of micro dispensing in precision dispensing valve, so the precision dispensing valve is ignored, should pay attention to the dispensing valve maintenance and maintenance work in the long-term use of the operation personnel,
The maintenance and maintenance of the dispensing valve is more special.
The dispensing valve requires long-term application of high viscosity glue dispensing, in the long-term use of high viscosity glue after the end of the internal part of the existence of more or less residue, if there is no regular cleaning easy again dispensing smoothly, can open the dispensing valve internal residue removal, as liquidity but also can strengthen the glue through proper heating in order to in order to remove the residue, followed by alcohol or cleaning agent for the dispensing valve cleaning work completely.
In the end after work best to remove the remaining glue inside the dispensing valve are kept separate, most residue except a part of residual curing, mainly because there is no unused dispensing valve within the glue completely remove plug lead, so after the completion of the work of the best in the dispensing glue off delay will discharge all residual glue, and glue separate storage with no glue to avoid the adverse impact of reaction.
The dispensing valve under normal operating conditions on the environment have specific requirements, to avoid dispensing work in a humid environment, the water more humid environment, in dispensing will reduce the bonding strength of glue, and the service life will influence to the rubber valve, so the dispensing valve working environment is the specific requirements of the.
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