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How to carry out the maintenance operation correctly

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The dispenser is widely applied in recent years, according to the different types of dispensing machines in different industries appear also emerge in an endless stream used dispensing equipment, different parts are different, for example: the use of non-contact dispensing machine is used for jet dispensing valve, silicone glue dispenser is silicone glue valve, anaerobic adhesive automatic dispensing machine is the use of anaerobic adhesive dispensing valve, for different dispensing equipment, dispensing valve used is also different.
But no matter is the precision equipment, the precision accessories need to be maintained. Only the right maintenance way can improve the service life of the product and the smoothness of the later use. Then how to maintain the glue valve?
First the wrench is screwed into the joint, and the joint is cleaned. And then use the wrench open glue joint, open will see after the feeding cylinder has a push rod, a flat screwdriver to unscrew the top rod counterclockwise (to pay special attention to small cap two fixed pole position on the top rod) and then pull out the bar, the white pad discharge, the cylinder clean up clean, then white pad into the top rod load (be careful to put small cap two fixed pole position reload), not too tight or too loose loading, guarantee in the use of noleak adhesive can be here. Then screw the joint into the joint. In this process, it is found that the white gasket is worn or deformed, and the white gasket of this part should be changed. In case of leakage of adhesive glue or lock tight, the glue outlet connector screwed out of the top bar, to the extent not the too big, the glue outlet connector can be screwed on.
In fact, the maintenance of the glue valve is also very simple, as long as the steps mentioned above are done step by step.
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