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The structure and advantages of the ceramic dispensing valve

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In the pneumatic type dispensing valve, ceramic dispensing valve is a variety of characteristics of the dispensing valve, structure and advantages of ceramic dispensing valve and most dispensing valve from the outside of the special ceramic manufacturing, so I decided to work for the industry and the scope of the ceramic dispensing valve.
Precision dispensing valve working principle is mostly driven by air into the dispensing valve after the glue dispensing and alignment, the working principle of the ceramic dispensing valve is also used in air driven way of dispensing, dispensing ceramic valve working efficiency is very high, the pneumatic drive can reduce the cost and reduce the time to work greatly, choose four the valve will comprehensively strengthen the work efficiency of ceramic valves, both for air to enter in order to comprehensively promote the glue flow rate, to ensure the smooth and efficient dispensing work, not because of air supply instability caused by the leakage of glue and other adverse problems.
Ceramic external dispensing valve is made by zirconia ceramics, zirconia ceramics have very high toughness, can withstand the tremendous strength loss without deformation, the most pure zirconia ceramic is pure white, and has a very efficient heat insulation, ensure the normal operation of the high temperature glue will not affect the operation of personnel, the the thermal expansion coefficient is very close to the steel, on external factors the anti-interference ability is very good, has high abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance characteristics, to ensure the work can perform stable dispensing process, to ensure the high compatibility of dispensing ceramic dispensing valve can match different kinds of dispensing work.
The use of ceramic dispensing valve can significantly reduce the maintenance effort, enhance the smoothness and efficiency of dispensing, and fully meet all kinds of users with high demand for dispensing.
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