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The common needles are made from those materials.

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The production process is quite complicated needles, especially small needles, process and material needs must be the best choice for use in the production process, it is easy to be worn ordinary products, choice of materials also need to meet the requirements of the use of glue dispensing needle head, so what material is especially important. The common dispensing needles in the market are disposable gel dispensing needles, precise multi tube dispensing needles, TT oblique dispensing needles, etc. These are popular hot spot dispensing needles.
Use the dispensing needle using different materials have different effects, such as: dispensing needle use stainless steel and can use most of the glue, but there are special glue to use stainless steel needles, can only make a suitable dispensing needles, needles of so many types will appear on the market.
Each dispensing needle material used is based on the application of glue to configure, disposable dispensing needle is made in order to reduce dispensing needle precious scrap rate, because there are some glue will be very prone to curing, so the use of disposable needles can avoid the loss too serious.
Precision dispensing needle use of stainless steel materials, the most used a dispensing needle on the market, although the purchase price will be slightly more expensive, but the quality is now 51 Fen, using a dispensing needle every day, a one-time purchase of more than 100, can be used for a long time, but the use of such needles, no glue other well crafted needle.
The best, use time is also long, do not need to replace the new glue point glue needle after each production, but also can resist the corrosion of glue.
The disposable glue needles are usually made of plastic, which can reduce the cost of the glue, and the price of each disposable needle is lower than that of the needles.
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