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How to choose the glue needles in the glue dispenser

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The needle is dispensing the indispensable important parts, can perform work more fully through the dispensing dispensing needle with high precision, such as seam filling and irregular path dispensing work needs to be realized through the dispensing needle, now a precision dispensing needle to help users achieve high quality high efficiency dispensing work, so how to select the appropriate dispensing needle?
Precision dispensing needles specifications in 14G-34G, the larger the number of the glue needle work smaller higher precision, the size of the glue dispensing needle, speed, supply pressure will be considered according to the actual situation, so in order to the scope of the highest accuracy, should choose the high point glue needle can meet the coefficient in precision dispensing work. Among them, the precision multi tube dispensing needle can meet the user's needs more comprehensively. If we need to make large quantities of accurate glue, it can be achieved through multiple tube dispensing needles, ensuring the quality and efficiency of dispensing.
The assembly precision dispensing needle should first be completely fixed in the dispensing valve at the bottom, and then set the parameters by adjusting the dispensing work, work to check whether the dispensing needle can be completely put into use, dispensing speed from low to high, the supply pressure should be from low to high, if there is no problem, can be directly put into use. In order to prevent the operators from misjudging and affecting the parameters of the needles, it is best to set the reference point and automatically calibrate the accuracy of the needles.
Because of the actual work of the dispensing is different, there are many on the market with the needle for dispensing, dispensing needles such as Teflon dedicated point glue, stainless steel needles with high stiffness and high service life, oblique dispensing needle, the needle can satisfy the different needs in work.
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