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The selection method of common needling needles

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The market has a variety of dispensing needles, can deal with all kinds of industries, the use of glue also need to select the appropriate dispensing needle, which is in order to improve the production effect, some industries are not suitable or glue dispensing needle application, such as: plastic glue needle point cannot be used because the hot melt adhesive, glue heating to a certain temperature can therefore use plastic dispensing, dispensing needle is not melted, dispensing function.
In fact there are still selected needles very much, according to the specifications of precision dispensing needle selection, dispensing glue volume need to be made according to the industry, if you need a big amount of glue, you need to use the flow of the dispensing needle, if it is a small amount of glue dispensing needs to make use of small needle dispensing, dispensing this is a production of different specifications of the effect, also reduce the time for the enterprises to choose the dispensing needle.
Needles are common multiple precision dispensing needles, stainless steel needles, needles, bayonet Teflon needle and so on, these are the most common dispensing valve market, in addition to select dispensing glue volume according to the size, there is a choice according to the glue dispensing needle, for example: the need to use the 10cc anaerobic adhesive and white polyethylene the use of other materials, dispensing needles made cannot use appropriate nuclear.
There are still a lot of choices now, customers can easily choose, also can quickly learn that needles need something, whether it is the choice of dispensing machines, or needles, are the need to have a satisfactory answer to the hands of customers, which is responsible for the customer, but also on the system the company responsible for the automatic.
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