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How to correctly select the needles and pins

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The selection of dispensing needles and syringes are all aimed at improving the quality and speed of dispensing, and the choice is skill. The different dispensing way is to provide better dispensing technology for enterprises, and how to correctly select dispensing needles and syringes. In fact, there are many kinds of methods, these methods can quickly select the appropriate needles and needles, the quality of glue will also be improved.
How to correctly select the dispensing needle types, the first is the application of the second industry, the quantity of cement is large or small, what are the characteristics of the third glue, according to the three kinds of application to select appropriate dispensing needles, one does not need to remove needles, and then choose the most appropriate dispensing needle to the rest of the dispensing needle, needle dispensing needles effect of these choices is better than their own choice of many far chance.
In addition to precision dispensing needles and needles, stainless steel needles, multi needles, multi needles have multiple precision dispensing needles, more perplexing relations, it is difficult to find suitable a precision dispensing needle specification, which is the biggest trouble, so they need to be of no use needles were excluded, such as can be a very good analysis of those are suitable needle industry, needle selection is the same reason.
In fact, many of the parts on the dispenser is used to choose the right parts according to the industry and the glue dispensing needles and syringes, because in order to use appropriate industry will choose these parts, if these parts are not for dispensing and use, will not have these parts are produced, production will have a demand, such as precision the dispensing needle, demand, production will increase, but whether demand meet the industry requirements.
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