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What's the glue needle brush

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There are many different types of dispensing needle valve dispensing, dispensing valve has a different dispensing effect, such as different brush needles, a brush is installed in the dispensing needle, can accelerate the spreading effect, if the use of ordinary dispensing needles, cannot achieve the effect will scratch coating, products, each kind of dispensing needles are all have their own role, dispensing needles of different use in different industries, but also to improve the efficiency of production.
Multi precision dispensing needle has installed the needle type dispensing brush, use brush, dispensing needles with normal is not the same, not a long cylindrical brush needle dispensing, with the same brush, is a combination of a hair, the brush needles generally used for surface coating liquid, not capable of dispensing that is, the good and the bad, can use it to give up another industry in an industry.
The brush is to meet the industry needs to install glue dispensing needle, use brush glue glue will point the way to more quickly, enterprises can reduce the rate of production, in which with the use of dispensing valve is the same reason, different dispensing industry needs to use different brushes, although no industry must use this the dispensing needle dispensing needle, but this effect is best, can solve a lot of trouble dispensing.
Brush needles may be a lot of people are not aware of such things, but this is really the right glue dispensing needle products, the production effect is much faster than ordinary dispensing mode, this is the production of needles of different types of effects, in order to achieve this effect needs through a variety of experiments, or unable to complete the required dispensing.
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