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The use of needles and some advantages

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What is the glue needle? The dispensing needle and the dispensing work quality has a close relationship, if you choose a suitable needle and full-featured can satisfy the users in the production work, so there are a number of important factors in the selection of needles, needles is mainly responsible for the glue point to every bonding surface filling, the more high dispensing needle the precision can meet the needs of different industries, so the use of dispensing needle are basically used in glue coating work, on the market a variety of dispensing needles have different advantages.
Stainless steel precision dispensing needle is commonly used as a dispensing needle, the scope of the stainless steel needles is very broad, both can be applied to the filling or pouring, and the practicability and the use of the cycle than general long needles, a variety of dispensing equipment can be used for dispensing, so the application of stainless steel needles is very strong that can effectively meet the production needs of different industries.
The multi precision dispensing needle has a pivotal role in the dispensing industry, through the use of multi precision dispensing needle can greatly increase the efficiency and small glue dispensing, dispensing needle to ensure the accuracy can meet the needs of users, in the precise production line is highly dependent on the multi point glue needle, occupies an important position in precision multiple needles of similar products in the.
The dispensing needle specification is 14G-34G, the majority of dispensing machine are simple and convenient as a bayonet needle dispensing needle, both ends of the top of the complete card dispensing valve in the low-end, adjust the working parameters in any case will not happen dispensing needle offset problems, effectively ensure the normal execution of dispensing work.
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