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What is the difference between a point glue valve and a spot

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The emergence of dispensing machine to solve the long labor contradiction, faster completion of bonding and packaging potting work through the use of dispensing equipment, automatic dispensing work mode can enhance the work efficiency and quality, and greatly reduce the cost of human resources, create higher value production revenue for the user, and the dispensing valve as an important parts of dispensing needle dispensing, dispensing valve needles and what is the difference? There are certain differences between the two, but they complement each other. A high quality dispensing valve and a spot glue needle will help to improve the production efficiency.
The main control glue dispensing valve as a flow rate, if the need for dispensing, dispensing valve will automatically open, stop dispensing work will automatically close the valve dispensing, dispensing valve outlet determines the dispensing dispensing valve, most are used in pneumatic drive, the advantages of pneumatic dispensing valve is no need many preparatory work can be executed, the double cylinder dispensing valve can long-term stable supply of glue dispensing work execution, by supporting the dispensing needle to achieve stable and efficient dispensing work.
What is the glue needle? The dispensing needles mainly glue the glue through the specified path. In practical applications, the selection of dispensing needles should be chosen according to the working conditions. If we need high demand dispensing, we can use durable stainless steel dispensing needles. If you need to use special glue dispensing needle special, such as instant glue using a Teflon needle, UV light curing adhesive on the use of amber needles to avoid curing the dispensing process, practical dispensing needle will affect the normal glue effect to rubber valve, so that the two are complementary.
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