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How to choose the right glue needle

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The glue needles have a certain influence on the normal use of the glue dispenser. What is the glue needle? The dispensing needle is the lower end of the dispensing valve accessories, can be convenient for processing fine uniform glue filling various seams, realize high precision dispensing mode, choose a suitable dispensing needle can facilitate the user to complete dispensing work of higher quality, how to choose the dispensing needle head is the most correct?
According to the actual situation of the application of selection of needles is very necessary, special glue dispensing must use targeted dispensing needles to normal dispensing, UV UV curable adhesive as an example, the glue will react quickly cured by ultraviolet radiation in general, dispensing syringe and needle dispensing application is possible, it should be choose the amber needle to use UV curing glue dispensing, dispensing needles if you need to use the instant glue dispensing the best use of metal, such as Teflon needle can be well used in the dispensing work.
If the need for high precision dispensing work, the best choice for precision dispensing needle as small accessories, precision dispensing needles can maximally avoid blocking problems in the work of drawing dispensing, large quantities of glue can according to the actual needs of work, not only in terms of precision and security of the largest quantity of cement has been further improved. Encapsulation in LED, and is widely used in semiconductor industry.
The supply pressure of air compressor has certain influence on the selection of dispensing needles. Large needles are suitable for dispensing work with high pressure and large amount of dispensing. Small needles are suitable for work with less pressure and less glue output. The inclined needle is applied to glue dispensing work of high viscosity glue.
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