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What are all the needles in the system?

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In the system of machinery involved has more than ten years in the field of glue dispensing equipment, mainly selling all kinds of high efficiency, high performance by dispensing equipment to help users complete a variety of complex dispensing work, which made machinery not only sales of various high performance dispensing equipment, has also been involved in dispensing accessories, all kinds of high practical accessories will greatly enhance the quality of dispensing, dispensing needle style very much, the user can choose according to the actual demand, dispensing needles here several selling for users to choose.
Stainless steel needle is a common and comprehensive functions of the dispensing needle, bayonet interface can help top stainless steel needle firmly fixed in the dispensing valve, and comprehensively improve the quality and stability of dispensing work, by internal and external polishing, strengthen the anti erosion corrosion resistance of stainless steel needles, suitable for high speed and high precision dispensing equipment the use of a variety of common problems, dispensing, the operation is fast and easy to use, is a high precision multi needles practical.
Oblique needle called conical needle, using double threaded tapered design, application of high viscosity glue dispensing can strengthen its liquidity, oblique needle can be used PE material in the use of UV curing adhesive for UV curing adhesive dispensing, because ultraviolet light will encounter fast curing, through the use of oblique needle can enhance the UV effect applied to transparent materials bonding and sealing work has a very good effect.
The brush needle is specially designed to use dilute fluid dispensing parts. Its unique design prevents it from scratching products in the process of dispensing, and eliminates bad problems such as wire drawing and hair loss in practical applications.
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