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What is the selection method of the glue needle for the prec

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The use of any dispensing machine are required to understand how the use of needles, flexible operation for dispensing effect will help many times, just follow the instructions on the operation, although what mistakes do not appear, but there may be some lack of precision dispensing needle selection method is relatively more, so could also distinguish between those needles is suitable for precision dispensing machine.
First, according to the precision dispensing machine used to choose which industries, the size of glue amount needed, glue a larger selection of large needle, small needle point selection, the selection for this simple, actually dispensing needle selection is not what difficult thing, is based on the need of the industry choice can, do not need to engage in a unique way to choose, so not what good for dispensing.
Second, choose not know that as long as the glue dispensing needle point size can be directly selected, also need to measure the size of air pressure, air pressure determines the size of the glue output size, select small needles in addition to glue a little outside pressure, also need to be relatively small, or needles can only use a larger size, so that the glue can be coated in the whole glue dispensing needle, according to the pressure and the amount of glue selected, this is the most appropriate use of precision dispensing machine.
A millimeter precision dispensing needle will affect the dispensing link, especially when multiple precision dispensing needle, the need to pay attention to the effect, although the glue control are generally dispensing things, but also needs a good accessory, otherwise unable to complete the work of dispensing.
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