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How to match the glue effect with the needle of the glue dis

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Dispensing needle specifications between 14G-34G, high precision dispensing needle can let the glue flow to achieve the best effect of coating formulation of position in the normal work, sometimes dispensing too much, sometimes too small, it will affect the quality of dispensing, dispensing needles collocation will determine the final quality of the work, so how collocation is the dispensing needle right?
Select the dispensing needle according to the actual working condition belongs to a kind of method, if precision dispensing needle for the dispensing work requires a high precision and low pressure supply should be small, the need for a large number of glue should use large precision dispensing needles can use high viscosity glue dispensing dispensing needle type should be selected, the only for general methods.
The dispensing needle selection from dispensing speed will become slow, low viscosity and high fluidity glue using small needle, then gradually pressure can be here to recommend a multi precision dispensing needle as dispensing accessories, high precision dispensing mode and the working efficiency can meet most of the dispensing, dispensing work should pay attention to avoid the influence to the dispensing position, so to set the reference origin in setting parameter adjustment, avoid the influence of precision dispensing needle.
Of course, the nature of the normal use of the glue dispensing needle effect to some extent, the use of special glue when it is necessary to choose the right to play the effect of dispensing needle dispensing effectively, if the use of cyanoacrylate glue should use teflon metal needles of a class, can maximize avoid instant glue in the dispensing process curing in the dispensing needle, in order to strengthen the glue utilization and saving material cost.
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