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What is the impact of the pressure Conference on the glue ne

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In the manufacture of the dispensing equipment, the precision spot glue needles can fully improve the precision of the glue and the effect of the glue. What is the needling needle? The dispensing needle is a dispensing valve at the bottom of the parts, most of the specifications in the range of 14G-34G, the higher the number represents more fine needles higher accuracy, because the precision dispensing needle structure is fine, so easy to be influenced by many external factors, when the supply pressure reaches a certain level will affect the normal work of precision dispensing needle.
Effect of pressure on the dispensing needle is ignored, the more fine needles is more vulnerable to the impact of supply pressure, the glue dispensing machine is according to the size of the air flow, and the structure of precision dispensing needle is fine, the amount of glue can only reach a certain limit, when the pressure is too large when the glue will remain in the dispensing needle top can not flow, easy blockage caused by long time without treatment, reducing the dispensing work fluency and affect the quality of the product dispensing work.
The use of precision dispensing needles can maximize enhance quality and efficiency of the glue glue, can effectively reduce the pump working pressure, improve the transportation performance and strengthen the dispensing equipment works, but also to avoid the common problems of dispensing work, such as the common problem of drawing such as glue solved from the root, effectively remove blockage precision glue dispensing needle by heating can reduce maintenance, need to clean investment.
The precise dispensing needles made by Seiko can be applied to various dispensing works. The glue is precise without drawing. It is very stable on the dispensing machine and improves the stability of dispensing work, making the work safer and more convenient to dismantle.
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