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What kinds of needles can be divided into each kind, which i

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In the normal work of dispensing, dispensing needle application is essential, the degree of understanding of most users of dispensing accessories is not high enough, then through the dispensing needle classification to enhance user understanding of dispensing accessories, choose suitable for dispensing needle is helpful for the improvement of high yield rubber work.
The dispensing needle can be divided into general and targeted according to the actual use, the precision dispensing needle application in industry more widely, with its high precision and high quality rubber characteristics has an important position in the work dispensing industry, suitable for various glue dispensing, application of multi precision dispensing needle can improve the quantity of cement, and has the very high precision glue dispensing, will enhance the efficiency.
Most dispensing equipment adopts stainless steel needles as accessories, stainless steel needles and high practicability and long service life, and has a good adhesive quality, so it plays an important role in the practical work, stainless steel needles Seiko made resistant to corrosion, can bear the high demand for dispensing work pressure, job matching automation equipment will greatly enhance the speed and quality of dispensing work.
For different glue, different dispensing needles should be used, because instant drying glue is easy to solidify in dispensing. By selecting metal dispensing needles, the instant dry glue can be well cured when dispensing normally. If the dispensing needle needs a stable high quality stainless steel needles can choose the bayonet, the bayonet at the top of the dispensing needle can be firmly fixed in the dispensing valve at the bottom of the fixed effect, enhance and strengthen the stability and efficiency of the dispensing work, and the price is low, is a commonly used needles.
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