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What factors are determined by the size of the glue in the n

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Dispensing needles must be used as dispensing equipment used in the process of supplies, play the role of self-evident, why is called supplies? This is a certain reason. Although the production of dispensing equipment technology to improve enough, but more advanced dispensing equipment when there are problems, as the important parts of dispensing equipment, dispensing needles is no exception. In the dispensing process due to various reasons lead to needle clogging, wire drawing and the tail etc.. This is the main reason why it is called a consumable material.
Although the needles often occur in the dispensing process, but these can hinder its function and importance in the dispensing process, it is still widely used in dispensing equipment in industrial production. But with the industrial production requirements become more stringent and dispensing machine production technology continues to improve, the types of needles in the continuous increase in the needles of different kinds, appeared in the adhesive production of the products, such as: multi precision dispensing needle, plastic dispensing needle, Teflon needle, but no matter what kind of dispensing needles, it is specially used to control the liquid.
But in the process of glue dispensing, sometimes the amount of glue needles can not reach the best effect. How to adjust it? In fact, this situation is also very simple. It usually affects the main factors of the size of the dispensing gel: the diameter of the dispensing needle, the length of the gel, the pressure of dispensing.
Therefore, as long as the three factors are properly used during the dispensing process, the sizing of the glue needles can be well controlled.
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