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Common needling problem

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The dispensing needle as a small accessories dispensing device, relative to the dispensing device, dispensing needles in the volume of it is relatively small, so this is often overlooked, many people may want to dispense needles so small, is not essential. But I want to say, this idea of the people is wrong, no matter what type of needles, such as: plastic needles, multi precision dispensing needle and screw dispensing needle, Teflon needles and so on, these needles play in the dispensing process of the role is undeniable, also is not to be questioned. But no matter what equipment, bring convenience to the production, it also comes with a part of the problem, dispensing needles is no exception, then the needles have those common problems? Here by the technician to all users for dispensing introduce bring dispensing needle dispensing process problems and solutions.
The dispensing needle is often referred to as industrial production supplies, why is called supplies, the main reason is that the industrial production of commonly used needles are disposable. The most important reason for this phenomenon lies in a series of problems in the dispensing process often clogging and drawing, which has long been plagued by the main causes of industrial production.
At present, the common plugging, drawing, and trailing of the needles are not completely solved by technology today. But all these problems can be improved or avoided through a certain way. For example, in general, most of the reasons that cause needle blockage are caused by many different collocations. If the glue is strong, the air pressure is small, and the size of needle needles is too small, it will easily cause needle blockage.
There are many ways to solve the problem of dispensing and clogging. For example, replacing larger needles, using less viscous glue and so on are the main ways to solve these problems.
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