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Is the price of the needles of the glue dispenser in the mar

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Dispensing needle prices are not a unified planning on the market, each price is our manufacturers to develop, can not only the dispensing needle dispensing needle may price, the price is cheaper, many people will choose to buy in the factory, in fact dispensing needle manufacturers is the most expensive, some in Taobao's price it would be more expensive, so you can find manufacturers to communicate, to get the best price of needles, some small needles can choose which more famous manufacturers of needles.
Each dispensing needle prices are not the same, this material is made with a relatively large, such as stainless steel needles and plastic needles, stainless steel needles is certainly the price is slightly more expensive, the use of materials of different prices, production process is also different, making more complex, scrap rate more, the price will naturally more expensive.
The dispensing needle price is relatively cheap, not deliberately bidding phenomenon, if the manufacturers will buy more cheap, online prices with manufacturers prices would be similar, many customers will feel directly with the manufacturers to communicate more trouble, so do not want to use this method, but the direct communication manufacturer. To get a lower commodity, and manufacturers and other products to use, very suitable for dispensing industry for example: System Automation Co. Ltd., is the production of dispensing machine manufacturers, and accessories manufacturers, after the purchase of what parts are directly linked, in business website can also see our products.
In fact, the price of the dispensing machine needle has been relatively cheap, the manufacturing process is almost the same for all manufacturers, and the stainless steel dispensing needle produced is also the same.
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