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How to fix the needle of the dispenser

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Plug the dispensing needle is always an important problem for a long time user problems, with the application of dispenser is expanding, this kind of problem is also highlighted more obvious, dispensing needle blocked solution has always been an important production of users need to understand the knowledge, as the glue dispensing needle in the production process of common plug the dispensing needle seriously affects the production efficiency, and quality. So this kind of dispensing is how to avoid or reduce the occurrence of the number?
Main causes of dispensing needle clogging, mainly has a direct relationship with the type of glue and dispensing operations in the operation, the use of glue viscosity is low, it is difficult to cause the needle blocked phenomenon; on the contrary, high viscosity, the needle will soon be blocked. To improve the use of temperature glue is effective to avoid the needle is a good way to the block, such as hot melt adhesive using stainless steel needles, only need to be heated glue can be solved.
There is a special case, is the use of glue, glue due to extremely easy curing at room temperature, which is why the reason of dispensing needles using glue easily blocked, the solutions for this problem is to keep the coherence of the dispensing process.
Remember in after dispensing glue out of storage is the effective way to avoid the needle is blocked, for example: generally, the curing rate of AB adhesive is relatively slow, it is difficult to occur the needle is blocked, but if not a long time operation, also there will be blocked needle problem therefore, must mix the needle mouth out, then the glue storage, avoid needle blocked phenomenon.
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