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Precision glue dispensing needle plug to do

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As to the product dispensing needle dispensing equipment in the production of adhesive must be used to supplies, why is called supplies, the main reason is that the dispensing operation, most needles are used only once, the main reason of this phenomenon is the blockage problem of needles often appeared in the dispensing process, then the dispensing operation point the glue needle block do? Although the dispensing equipment production technology now has been very good, but still can not solve this problem, although not completely solve this kind of problem, but also a way to get through to avoid or reduce this kind of common dispensing needle problem.
As a more advanced dispensing equipment in the market of dispensing industry, precision dispensing machine is mainly aimed at some adhesive operations that require strict dispensing accuracy and high viscosity glue products. Therefore, the specifications of the precise dispensing needle used in this dispensing equipment belong to a smaller type, and because of the high viscosity of glue used, the phenomenon of needle blockage is often encountered during dispensing operation.
So how to avoid or reduce the occurrence of this kind of problem is to use precision dispensing machine users are most concerned about the problem. In fact, to avoid this kind of problem is very simple, because the needles are sticky glue specifications and can not be changed, only from the dispensing pressure start, a good way to increase the dispensing pressure is to be able to solve this kind of problem.
If the needle is blocked in the dispensing process of the precise dispensing machine, there is an exceptional solution. Improving the temperature of the glue is also an effective way to effectively reduce such problems.
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