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How to make the glue effect can be guaranteed by the selecti

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How to select the dispensing needle into the use of dispenser manufacturers doubts, dispensing needles selected when normal, but the effect of dispensing or cannot reach the expected effect, do not know where there is a problem, in fact, choose the dispensing needle with dispensing machine is the same reason, need to choose according to many aspects of the problem, according to the dispenser what the use of glue, these are good methods.
The dispensing industry is not only a, there is a lot of the dispensing mode, according to the mode selection of appropriate dispensing dispensing needle, a small amount of glue, the pressure is small, can use small needles; short time dispensing, which requires large amount of glue, can use big needles; like the use of relatively thick glue, then high pressure and oblique needles, timing mode of light glue, you need to use a small dispensing and small pressure, so as to ensure the stability effect.
These methods can be used as the usual selection method of dispensing needle, but the use of precision dispensing needles will require more stringent, general dispensing industry will be without the use of precision dispensing needle, the needle manufacturing process is relatively high, the price is expensive than ordinary dispensing needles, used for ordinary industry is somewhat wasted, dispensing, dispensing needles decided according to the needs of various industries, such as precision dispensing machine collocation will ensure the glue effect.
Special dispensing needles also have special selection methods. For example, precision multi tube dispensing needles, with usual dispensing needles, are more than several needles, which can also point several glue points at the same time, so that they can be used in the right industry, so that we can ensure the dispensing effect of dispensing needles.
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