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How to install the glue needle after the purchase

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Precision dispensing needle dispenser as the most simple accessories, installation is relatively simple, only in the choice of needles is very important, choose the correct installation of needles, soon, you need to select the appropriate dispensing glue outlet valve dispensing needle, specifications appropriate, this installation will be more soon, it will not lead to occurrence of leakage at the glue dispensing machine actually used, people will understand how to install the dispensing needle.
Dispensing needle is installed in the glue dispensing valve opening, the dispensing valve common dispensing valve for example, the glue outlet will have a screw cap, put the lid off, then put the dispensing needle into the dispensing valve, if the use of plastic expanding, directly into the plastic, is flexible that can be installed, and then tighten the lid dispensing valve, so it can prevent the dispensing process pressure caused by excessive shedding of needles.
There is a dispensing needle instead of using plastic expanding, use needles, stainless steel for precision dispensing needle, the needle dispensing machine is made of stainless steel, the installation will not be able to use brute force way to install, but also into a spiral shape at dispensing needle head, tighten it that is, two methods of installing different dispensing needles, very simple.
After the purchase of needles, the installation is relatively simple things, do not need to worry, in the system of Automation Co. Ltd. to buy, there will be professional teaching how to install will prevent dispensing, in fact as long as not to buy counterfeit goods, installation is not a problem, need to know before buying, dispensing the glue outlet valve width is much, so businesses can help you choose the appropriate precision dispensing needle.
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