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How to avoid blocking needles?

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With the dispensing equipment widely used in industrial production, but also further promote the regular use of accessories dispensing, dispensing needles is one of the most typical example, but the scope of market sales continue to increase and broaden the application at the same time, it also brings a problem, such as dispensing needle clogging is a problem the dispensing needle commonly.
Although now the production technology of dispensing equipment has developed quite well, but because of the introduction of dispensing time is not very long, so in popularity also needs to be improved, Xiaobian I often see someone in search of "what is needles" this kind of problem, but also enough to see how the dispensing needle knowledge is scarce, therefore a series of problems in the process of operation is also very good understanding.
The reason is mainly with the dispensing needle clogging types and the operation process of the glue in operation is greatly related to the application of low viscosity glue, curing time is relatively long, so it is difficult to have a needle blocking problem; on the other hand, high viscosity glue, curing speed, needle clogging is likely greater. The solution is to increase the temperature of glue needle can avoid congestion problems. Such as: hot melt glue dispensing machine use stainless steel needles in the dispensing process, as long as the glue can make the glue melting heating, so as long as the heater is heated to a certain temperature, can avoid the problem of needle clogging.
Keep dispensing duration is to avoid the needle clogging in the dispensing process, there is no operation to save out of glue can avoid dispensing needle clogging phenomenon. Of course, the glue solution is different, sometimes may be different, so sometimes must according to the actual situation to determine the solution.
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