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How to avoid the problem of drawing and tailing of the needl

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With the application of dispenser expanding, is brought about by the rapid development of the market sales promotion dispenser and further promote dispensing accessories need on dispensing equipment, such as dispensing valve, dispensing needles, needles and other important parts. Of course, the application scope of the rapid widening at the same time, the problems caused by too many for example, dispensing needle drawing and tailing, as the common problem of dispensing needles in production for a long time, seriously affect the dispensing quality and production efficiency. So there is no way to avoid what is happening or reduce this problem?
Of course, here by the system dispensing technicians to a simple exposition to solve the dispensing needle drawing and tailing solution. Dispensing machine drawing is dispensing machine in the dispensing operation, the needle on the move, the thin needle mouth and tail, these problems have seriously affected the effect of dispensing products. The following is solutions based on years of experience.
First of all: open delay: because there is a certain distance between the dispensing head and glue dispensing valve, there is no glue there between, in the open plastic head outlet, immediately began the operation would cause a short track after the start of a lack of glue phenomenon. To avoid this, in the open. Delay for a period of time, until the glue begins to flow, and then start the next action.
Then it is: drawing height: because the properties of each glue are different, and some glue is sticky. In order to affect the trajectory of dispensing, it is necessary to lift up a distance at a constant speed and slowly to break the glue thread so as to avoid drawing and tailing.
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