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The difference between 502 glue needles and other needles

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Dispenser is made up of large and small parts. In many parts, some are slightly larger, some are a little smaller. Large ones, for example, dispensing valves, pressure barrels, moving axes, etc., such as dispensing syringe, dispensing needles, etc. With the rapid development of the production technology of the dispensing equipment and the continuous derivative of various types of production and the different needs of the various production industries.
The rapid development of the dispensing equipment has further promoted the continuous improvement of the production technology of the combined parts. As the needles, needles are traditional plastic, the needle is relatively simple, of course, the production process is relatively simple, so the dispensing accuracy or service life than the dispensing needle now has a huge gap, the most important thing is the production technology is relatively backward, the dispensing the needle can not be used for some high viscosity glue application. Therefore, with the continuous progress of production technology, this kind of glue needle is gradually eliminated.
At present, although the dispensing needle hair exhibition has been quite perfect, but the industry is still in the market management is more complex, production models and other issues. There is no standard needles on the market such as: precision dispensing a superb collection of beautiful things, multi needle, 502 glue dispensing needle head, AB glue dispensing needle, needle dispensing and manual dispensing needle brush etc. this kind of variety, although more types, but the user pick up more trouble.
If the user selects a 502 glue dispensing needle, because of too many types, and no label, so I do not know how to start in the time of purchase. Because the 502 belongs to the strong glue glue viscosity, curing speed is relatively fast, so the 502 glue dispensing needle can choose the precise point glue needle.
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