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Is the price of the needle of a high precision glue dispense

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In the rubber industry, the role and status of dispensing needle can not be ignored, dispensing needles with high precision can satisfy the needs of users, dispensing needles specifications in 14G to 34G, the higher the specifications represent the glue of higher accuracy, in the actual application process of high precision dispensing needle was used the user, then this high precision dispensing needle is expensive?
Because most dispensing needle belongs to the disposable consumables, so in terms of price and the cost is low, dispensing needles in a few blocks to more than ten dollars, this type of needles can meet most of the production work of dispensing in the industry, there are all kinds of high precision dispensing needle, the glue outlet of small high precision dispensing needle the work to be carried, coating and micro slit filled path, and the glue outlet of larger needles is difficult to do quantitative control of dispensing glue, so high precision dispensing needle prices in the industry compared to the price of more high.
According to the analysis of the material to the needle, needle dispensing material determines the price to the level of brush needles such as low viscosity glue dispensing use, divided into round and flat head brush brush needle needle, the needle can maintain a long time using low viscosity glue dispensing, a stable and efficient work, however low the viscosity of the glue is less in the practical application, and the brush with low cost, so the price in the market is low.
In the process of selecting the dispensing needle, the price is only a reference point. Different dispensing needs need to be applied to all kinds of dispensing needles. Only when choosing the needle suitable for the industry work, can we help users complete more dispensing work.
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